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Welcome to my personal homepage, with an overwiew of recent and current research and advisory activitiesn, a reference to the Sweet Spot of Leadership website (in Dutch language) and links to other websites. 

Next to the Dutch activities in the field of leadership, my work consists of supporting organisations (public and private), teams and communities in the fields of management & innovation and sustainable tourism, as well as (academic) research. 

I worked as consultant, trainer and coach on various assignments in management and (social) innovation, leadership and MD, team development and self-leadership, Activities included for example an evaluation of a public-private network organisation (2022), Management Development projects and group guidance in personal leadership for ‘De Baak (latest in 2022) and personal coaching.
I am associated with De Boer & Ritsema van Eck DBR, advice, training and coaching. Our joint project is on self-leadership, empowering leadership and shared leadership.
Since 2005 I have been teaching management & innovation at NCOI University of Applied Arts, developing curricula and guiding master thesis students. From 2016 - 2021 I was Lector Management & Innovation. NCOI work is gradually ended.

In (academic) studies, I have been engaged in topics anout management and innovation as well as themes of sustainable tourism and urban questions (public space, identity, authenticity). Research projects were conducted in my hometown Rotterdam and Western Balkans and Central and Eastern Europe. I am associated as research fellow to Polis University, Tirana, where I also teach. For its sister institution Co-PLAN Institute for Habitat development, Tirana, I am involved in sustainable tourism and other projects. One is the development of a website on (modern) architecture tourism -



Long time ago I did a Master’s in Social Geography / Planning, worked as ZWO scientist at the Amsterdam Free University and obtained my PhD in Social Sciences, later followed by a Master in Public Management at the University of Twente. For many years I worked for IHS Institute for Housing & Urban Development Studies / Erasmus University Rotterdam, as consultant, dy. director, teaching and research staff. I worked in many projects in Asia, Latin America and Central and Eastern Europe. After IHS and after working for DBR De Boer & Ritsema van Eck in the field of organizational consultancy, management development and coaching, I started as independent consultant and researcher in 2006. I still work together with colleagues of DBR on leadeship issues.

My involvement with Co-PLAN and Polis University, Tirana, goes back to 1996, when I conducted in Tirana a workshop on informal housing for planners. Ever since I have been involved in assignments in Albania and the Western Balkans. I teach in the Polis University MBA (innovation, HRM) and help with developing research and innovation capacities.

For information on my published academic work, you may visit my Research Gate profile (see icons under Contact) or my ORCID profile. If you want to look at the articles etc., please go to the Research Gate page for downloads – most titles are open access and not behind a paywall.


Video - photo credits

Video homepage (Sarajevo) courtesy Pexels - Asko; Picture Rotterdam tourism on page Projects courtesy Image Bank Rotterdam Make it Happen, Iris van den Broek; picture HRM - Innovation on page Projects courtesy Bigstockphotos. Profile picture courtesy DBR. Picture subpage Selfleadership Polis students, courtesy Polis University. Logo's used with permission. All other images © Peter Nientied. 

More pictures (people, places, documentary) on my photo website, click here.

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