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The research and advisory work of Co-PLAN builts upon four expertise areas: namely Spatial Planning and Land Development, Urban and Regional Governance, Urban Environmental Management, with Research constituting a cross-cutting, shared feature by all three teams.

Co-PLAN has a long-standing experience and an extensive research portfolio in matters pertaining to our thematic areas, particularly in the realm of environmental assessments, territorial management, preparation of strategic plans, and development strategies; preparation of urban regulatory plans; local government service provision; informal settlements integration, etc.

Over the years Co-PLAN has implemented over 150 projects in Albania and the region, mainly funded by Funding Agencies and institutions, such as the European Commission, UNDP, USAID, the World Bank, the Dutch Government, the Austrian Development Agency, etc.

My current role in Co-PLAN (next to membership of the Advisory Board) is to help with strengthening Co-PLAN as an Albanian think tank in the field of (territorial) governance. Research projects on tourism and territorial governance are core activities. Developing a Western Balkan and a European perspective is a priority. 

In 1996 I went to Albania for the first time, and I made working visits ever since, to Co-Plan and to Polis University.

Here you find more information about Co-PLAN. 

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