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Leanstartup.com - Eric Ries is - is a starting point for studying the approach / method of lean startup innovatie. Together with Steve Blank, Ries has promoted the lean startup apprach. In hundreds of cities around the globe, lean startup entrepreneurs are exchanging ifnormation and networking.  


I studied whther the lean startup innovation approach is relavant for sectors outside the IT / Silicon Valley realm. Ries and Blank claim that the lean startup apprach is a general approach - but almost all of their cases are about web based services ad IT. Applying the feautures of of lean startup to the rapid development of Polis University in Albania (and that is what we call something different from IT and Silicon Valley), we come to the conclusion that the claim of Ries and Blank holds. 


Abstract van het artikel:

This article studies the rapid development of a new university in Tirana, Albania, from the perspective of lean startup innovation. This is an unusual perspective because the lean startup approach is widely used for new ventures in the technology sector. The claim of principal authors of Lean Startup however is that the lean startup principles have much wider applicability than the tech sector. Based on the case study of a newly established university, it is concluded that this claim holds: the lean startup approach proves to be meaningful and relevant for understanding the rapid development of this university, and likely for other types of new business development as well. 

Here you will find the article. 


For larger , exisitng organisations, the tean startup method is relevant too. Lean startup is a structured way to learn fast in innovation processes, to reduce wasting time and money.  Nathan Furr en Jeff Dyer discuss the Lean startup method together with other innovation methods in their book The Innovator's Method. An introduction to that book is in Harvard Business Review. 


More infroamtion about innovation management is on the (Dutch) website website www.in2innovatiescan.nl



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