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Photo 2 Szczecin Solidarity square 2000

Public space - urban identity

Public spaces in cities - squares, parks, etc. - are important for the wellbeing of citizens, for tourism and other economic functions and for sustainability. During the last few years, public space was a theme is studies conducted in ..

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IMG_1601 v2 Kotor.jpg

Western Balkan tourism

The picture shows Kotor, Montenegro. It is a tourism hotspot, a destination with clear overtourism – its location attracts tourists and cruise boats, that lead to tourists filling up the old town for a few hours and then leave again. In 2017, UNESCO warned the 

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New urban tourism, Rotterdam

Tourism in Rotterdam has grown rapidly. An increasing number of visitors comes to Rotterdam because it is said to be dynamic, to have a good vibe, an interesting waterfront and harbour, as well as progressive architecture and ...

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Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

Social innovation

To better understand social innovation in organisations, different studies were done. For example a study of a Dutch technical company, delivering innovative customer solutions in factory automation. The guiding question ...

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Organizations have been paying much attention to how leadership can exert influence on followers to achieve goals. Self-leadership, as the process of influencing oneself', is about how working or studying people manage and lead themselves. 

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